Prof. Dr. Milena Popova

Prof. Dr. Milena Popova is a Head of Lab “Chemistry of Natural Products” at the Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and Chair of its Scientific Council. She is a co-author of 100+ papers, incl. review articles and book chapters, cited over 3 800 times. She has been a coordinator of scientific projects financed by Bulgarian Science Fund and participant in number of international and national projects.

For the last two consecutive years she is among top 2% in the Stanford University worldwide citation ranking of all scientists and scientific disciplines. Milena is an Editorial Board member of the peer-reviewed journals BMC Chemistry, Plants and Austin Journal of bioorganic and organic chemistry; she has been a guest editor of Molecules, Natural Product Communication and BMC Chemistry. In 2019, she joined the chair committee of International Conference on Natural Products Utilization: from Plants to Pharmacy Shelf (ICNPU).

Her research interests include chemical profiling and characterization of bee products (with special attention to propolis), medicinal plants and mushrooms; isolation and structural characterization of biologically active compounds; standardization and quality control of natural products.

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